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  • $7.35 $10.50 -30%

    Bite Gel is The Monster Maker's brand new Tooth Grade Impression Alginate. Formulated for teeth models, Bite Gel picks up phenomenal detail and can also be used for small area lifecasting jobs.  Made with all natural non-toxic food grade products, Bite Gel is Bubble Gum scented and Crystalline Silica Free. 

    $7.35 $10.50 -30%
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  • $1.95

    These hardwood handle natural bristle chip brushes are ideal for a variety of processes including: applying mold releases, mold making, fiberglassing, painting and gluing. You get 3 of the same size brush per package.

  • $5.57 $7.95 -30%

    Monster Makers Flex Gloss is a flexible top coat that works great over slush cast latex Halloween Masks, Foam Latex Props, and urethane castings. Produces a flexible, non-yellowing high gloss coating. Can be colored with latex pigments and any water based pigments. Thins with water for increased glossiness.

    $5.57 $7.95 -30%
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  • $3.80 $4.00 -5%

    Gypsona plaster bandages feature a creamy plaster that results in a smoother, stronger cast. Perfect for backing up alginates for lifecasting.

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  • $62.50

    The Kryolan 2-Part Urethane Cold Foam Kit which is manufactured by Kryolan Professional Make-up does not require oven curing and produces a soft flexible foam usable for face and body appliances. Although the finished appliance is not as flexible or as detailed as a foam latex appliance would be, the ease of use may outweigh the negative attributes.

  • $62.50

    Kryolan 2-Part Urethane Cold Foam Kit which is manufactured by Kryolan Professional Make-up does not require oven curing and produces a soft flexible foam usable for face and body appliances. No mold release included. This kit has the flammable mold release removed from the kit so it can be shipped by UPS Air Services and by the US Postal Service.

  • $29.95

    Artex which is manufactured by Kryolan Professional Make-up is ideal for the creation of 3D skin effects such as wounds, scars and burns – and for concealing unwanted skin anomalies. Carefully mix equal parts (1:1) and apply to the skin. You can create the desired effect immediately after application. The curing process begins after 5-6 minutes. 

  • $8.95

    This hand sized clay extruder comes with 19 dies so you can extrude different shapes of clay. The triangle shape is ideal for laying a section of clay near the blending edge of your sculpture to help define a clean cutting edge in your mold.

  • $9.00 $15.00 -40%

    MoldEZ is a water-based cream used on the skin and all body hair to keep alginate from sticking to the hair. Work a generous amount into the hair and then comb. You can cast an entire head of hair. Hypoallergenic, all natural ingredients. Smells great, too.

    $9.00 $15.00 -40%
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  • $13.97 $19.95 -30%

    Monster Gel Bonding Agent allows you to bond a fresh batch of Monster Gel Alginate to already cured alginate.

    $13.97 $19.95 -30%
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  • $7.35 $10.50 -30%

    Monster Gel CSF (Crystalline Silica Free) is The Monster Makers' newest Prosthetic Grade Alginate.  Made with all natural non-toxic food grade components, Monster Gel Slow Set has a set time of 8-9 minutes and is Crystalline Silica Free. 

    $7.35 $10.50 -30%
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  • $76.50 $90.00 -15%

    Each Monster Makers Foam Latex Kit includes High Solids Latex Foam Base, Microcellular Prosthetic Grade Foaming Agent, Standard Curing Agent, Standard Gelling Agent, Mold Release and detailed instructions. On average a gallon kit will do about 22 150-gram batches of foam.

    $76.50 $90.00 -15%
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  • $3.50 $5.00 -30%

    The Monster Makers Foam Latex Mold Release is the standard stearate based mold release included with every Monster Makers Theatrical Foam Latex Kit. Also, popular for use in releasing gel filled appliances. Choose from 4 oz., 16 oz., and 1 gallon size.

    $3.50 $5.00 -30%
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  • $21.25 $25.00 -15%

    Monster Makers High Solids Latex Foam Base is a proprietary mixture of high solids natural latex formulated for added stability and a lower viscosity. 

    $21.25 $25.00 -15%
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  • $39.17 $55.95 -30%

    Monster Makers Latex Colorant is a highly concentrated latex pigment for intrinsically coloring latex polymers such as mask latex. For a very intense color, we recommend about 1.5 to 2 ounces per 1 gallon of mask latex.  Easily mixes together to create your secondary colors   Produces very rich colors if needed. Kits consist of six colors: Red, Yellow,...

    $39.17 $55.95 -30%
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  • $20.83 $29.75 -30%

    Monster Clay Premium Grade Modeling Clay is a re-useable sulfur free, professional oil/wax based sculpting medium. Composed entrely of non-toxic, food grade components, Monster Clay has an ultra smooth formulation that features a low melt temperature and a low tack feel that will not stick to tools or fingers. Available in Soft, Medium, and Hard.

    $20.83 $29.75 -30%
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  • $12.33 $14.50 -15%

    Monster Makers RD-407 is the highest quality casting latex available for mask making, prop making and slush molded prosthetics. Formulated specifically for casting into gypsum molds, Monster Makers RD-407 Casting Latex is a single component, air drying natural latex compound used widely by mask makers around the world.

    $12.33 $14.50 -15%
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  • $3.00

    Open weave burlap can be used to reinforce your UltraCal 30 and other cement/plaster based molds.

  • $8.05 $11.50 -30%

    Monster Makers Perma-Wet high solids gloss coating creates a shiny surface. Forms a tenacious, highly flexible bond while sealing and waterproofing the mask. Has a 600% elongation. Used primarily to simulate wet areas on props and masks. Can also be used on urethane foams and urethane rubbers which can be difficult surfaces to paint.

    $8.05 $11.50 -30%
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  • $9.00 $10.00 -10%

    MelProducts premium quality 8.5-inch by 11-inch prosthetic transfer paper and release film. Perfect for those who make their own prosthetic adhesive transfers. Available in packs of 3, 5, and 10.

    $9.00 $10.00 -10%
    Reduced price!
  • $7.95

    Stoner E302 Rocket Release is an extremely versatile release agent which is generally acceptable for applications where a food grade release is required. In many applications, Rocket Release is considered to be the most paintable release agent available when molding plastics and similar materials.

  • $35.95

    UltraCal 30 is a low expansion gypsum cement used for making lifecasts and molds where high strength and heat resistance are important. Excellent for making molds for use with foam latex systems and slip casting latex.

  • $5.50

    These 6 wooden tools make up a good starter set for sculpting clay.

  • $9.95

    Stoner E342 Zero Stick Paintable Mold Release, is a unique, extremely versatile release agent which is generally acceptable for applications where a food grade release is required. Zero Stick allows molded parts to be painted, plated, hotstamped, adhesive bonded, labeled, or otherwise decorated in most applications.

  • $11.95

    Stoner E474 Zinc Stearate Mold Release is a dry powder, heavy-duty release agent and anti-stick lubricant for molded materials such as plastics, rubber, and similar materials.

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