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  • $130.00

    Each GM Foam Latex Kit includes High Grade Foam Latex Base, Foaming Agent, Curing Agent, Gelling Agent, Mold Release and detailed instructions. On average a gallon kit will do about 22 150-gram batches of foam.

  • $89.95

    Each Monster Makers Foam Latex Kit includes High Solids Latex Foam Base, Microcellular Prosthetic Grade Foaming Agent, Standard Curing Agent, Standard Gelling Agent, Mold Release and detailed instructions. On average a gallon kit will do about 22 150-gram batches of foam.

  • $47.96 $59.95 -20%

    The Deluxe Life-Size Full Alanna Head Armature is a ready made female form base on which to sculpt or display your masks.  The Alanna Head measures 18" H x 13" W x 10"D. Head circumference at brow is 23" approx.

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  • $28.50

    Artex which is manufactured by Kryolan Professional Make-up is ideal for the creation of 3D skin effects such as wounds, scars and burns – and for concealing unwanted skin anomalies. Carefully mix equal parts (1:1) and apply to the skin. You can create the desired effect immediately after application. The curing process begins after 5-6 minutes. 

  • $26.78 $29.75 -10%

    Monster Clay Premium Grade Modeling Clay is a re-useable sulfur free, professional oil/wax based sculpting medium. Composed entrely of non-toxic, food grade components, Monster Clay has an ultra smooth formulation that features a low melt temperature and a low tack feel that will not stick to tools or fingers. Available in Soft, Medium, and Hard.

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  • $16.20 $18.00 -10%

    Formulated for high-end detailed E F/X work. FiberGel alginate is independently tested 40% stronger than the leading brands. Set Time - 3-5 - minutes.

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  • $15.30 $17.00 -10%

    EM-217 Wed clay has been specifically formulated by the Laguna Clay Company to be a very smooth, slow drying waterbased clay for modeling. It is used primarily by design studios and the entertainment industry for modeling, design, mock-up and tooling. It can be used for making dividing walls and overflow areas during mold making.

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  • $14.50

    Monster Makers RD-407 is the highest quality casting latex available for mask making, prop making and slush molded prosthetics. Formulated specifically for casting into gypsum molds, Monster Makers RD-407 Casting Latex is a single component, air drying natural latex compound used widely by mask makers around the world.

  • $14.40 $16.00 -10%

    MoldGel SILFREE Slow Set Alginate is silica free and made with food grade ingredients.This alginate mixes easily into a smooth, creamy consistency providing forensic detail down to the fingerprints. It has a 7 - 8 minute set time.

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  • $14.00 $20.00 -30%

    3-in-1 Alginate Formula Retarder/Bonder/Softener. When you need those extra minutes. Increase set time for up to 5 minutes or more. Bonds alginate layers. Softens alginate surface so that fiber will adhere.

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  • $10.80 $12.00 -10%

    Stoner E474 Zinc Stearate Mold Release is a dry powder, heavy-duty release agent and anti-stick lubricant for molded materials such as plastics, rubber, and similar materials.

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  • $10.50 $15.00 -30%

    MoldEZ is a water-based cream used on the skin and all body hair to keep alginate from sticking to the hair. Work a generous amount into the hair and then comb. You can cast an entire head of hair. Hypoallergenic, all natural ingredients. Smells great, too.

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  • $9.00 $10.00 -10%

    Stoner E342 Zero Stick Paintable Mold Release, is a unique, extremely versatile release agent which is generally acceptable for applications where a food grade release is required. Zero Stick allows molded parts to be painted, plated, hotstamped, adhesive bonded, labeled, or otherwise decorated in most applications.

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  • $8.06 $8.95 -10%

    This hand sized clay extruder comes with 19 dies so you can extrude different shapes of clay. The triangle shape is ideal for laying a section of clay near the blending edge of your sculpture to help define a clean cutting edge in your mold.

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  • $8.00

    Monster Makers Foam Latex Stabilizer gives your Monster Makers Foam Latex batch added stability. This compound allows the foam to gel at a higher pH. If you have extra ammonia left in the foam after the foam run either accidentally or by design, you will still be guaranteed a gel. This product helps guard against cell breakdown during longer gel times.

  • $7.20 $8.00 -10%

    Stoner E302 Rocket Release is an extremely versatile release agent which is generally acceptable for applications where a food grade release is required. In many applications, Rocket Release is considered to be the most paintable release agent available when molding plastics and similar materials.

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  • $6.00

    High volumes batches of Monster Makers Foam Latex can be difficult to transfer into molds. The Monster Makers Flow Enhancer is a special blend of surfactants designed to eliminates this problem by dramatically increasing flowability of Monster Makers Foam Latex without effecting the foam's other properties or increasing shrinkage.

  • $4.95 $5.50 -10%

    These 6 wooden tools make up a good starter set for sculpting clay.

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  • $4.00

    Gypsona plaster bandages feature a creamy plaster that results in a smoother, stronger cast. Perfect for backing up alginates for lifecasting.

  • $3.00

    Open weave burlap can be used to reinforce your UltraCal 30 molds.

  • $2.00

    These hardwood handle natural bristle chip brushes are ideal for a variety of processes including: applying mold releases, mold making, fiberglassing, painting and gluing. You get 3 of the same size brush per package.

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