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    European Body Art’s alcohol-based Endura Airbrush Ink provides the best coverage and longevity in the industry. Made with FDA approved colors, Endura is perfect for direct skin contact and even prosthetic applications.

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    European Body Art's SKT-7 is an alcohol-free moisturizing makeup cleaner, made with minerals and moisturizers, works great to remove Endura makeup. Unveil can be used regularly making it extremely valuable when used in conjunction with beauty, haunt and movie makeup applications.

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    European Body Art's Endura makeup is well known for its rich pigmentation and maximum coverage. However, there are applications where a more translucent finish and lower viscosity is more desirable. Adding Transluz to Endura makeup creates washed and translucent effects.

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  • $7.20 $8.00 -10%

    European Body Art's Unveil is an alcohol-free makeup cleaner made with moisturizers. Unveil effectively removes virtually any type of makeup including Endura, Vibe and Encore while it moisturizes the skin.

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  • $5.40 $6.00 -10%

    European Body Art's Vapore is a very effective alcohol based makeup remover that leaves skin moisturized with jojoba, macadamia and aloe oil extract.  Vapore cleans virtually any cosmetic grade makeup and also removing adhesives used for prosthetic, glitter and hair application.

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  • $22.50 $25.00 -10%

    Graftobian has formulated a professional grade, alcohol based airbrush makeup. They claim this smooth and micronized formula will not clog your airbrushes, even at low pressures.

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  • $9.50

    Aquacolor Liquid is an emulsion in liquid form for fast make-up application to large areas of the body, or for applying image creations to the body. Since the consistency of this preparation is similar to that of fluid make-up, Aquacolor Liquid can be especially easily and uniformly applied.  If Aquacolor Liquid is slightly diluted, it can also be applied...

  • $11.48 $13.50 -15%

    Mehron Liquid Makeup is made from quality FDA approved ingredients. This is the same professional liquid makeup used around the world by performers in television, film and theater for face, body and hair.

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    Specially created for airbrushing MelPAX makeup.  Designed not to affect the adhesion quality of MelPAX makeup .

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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items