Graftobian F/X Gelatin - CLEARANCE SALE

Graftobian F/X Gelatin is the ''heat and serve'' of gore make-up.
ON CLEARANCE - If you order more than we have in stock of any particular color we will send you what we have in stock and refund the price of the out of stock items to your payment method.

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Graftobian F/X Gelatin is the ''heat and serve'' of gore make-up. Create your own burned or mangled face effect with ease using one, two or all three of the available colors.

To use: Simply heat bottle in a hot water bath until F/X Gelatin is fluid, then test temperature on wrist to make sure it's not too hot for your skin. Apply color(s) to desired area and shape, swirl, mix etc. until F/X has cooled. Once F/X Gelatin has cooled, it will stay in place but will remain very flexible. Add blood products if desired. Peel off to remove

Recomended Remover:Soap and Water
Manufactured byGraftobian Make-Up Company
Shipping Restrictions:Non-Flammable - No Restrictions
Country of Origin:Made in the USA
To remain in accordance with the International Sales section of the Graftobian Reseller's Retail Pricing Policies agreement, we will only ship Graftobian merchandise to destinations within the United States of America. The Graftobian Professional Make-up Company would prefer it if you would purchase your Graftobian Professional Make-up Company items from an Authorized Retail Dealer in your country of residence. is authorized to sell and ship Graftobian Professional Make-up Company products to all customers with a delivery destination within the United States of America.

So if your delivery destination is outside of the United States, for example, if you live in Britain and you wish to place an order with us for Graftobian Professional Make-up products, I'm sorry...
the computer says no.

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G-886012 fl ozLight Flesh $10.00 $6.00 [-] [+]
G-886022 fl ozBlood Red $10.00 $6.00 [-] [+]
G-886032 fl ozMucus/Clear $10.00 $6.00 [-] [+]
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