• $19.95

    Spirit Gum P from Kryolan Professional Make-up is a synthetic adhesive with especially strong adhesion power, for attaching beards, wigs, and small facial appliances. Spirit Gum P is used when the extreme perspiration of an actor or model makes it impossible for other spirit gum types to hold sufficiently.

  • $8.10 $9.00 -10%

    Graftobian Spirit Gum is a natural product that is kept in solution with alcohol. It is the classic theatrical adhesive. Used for decades by theater and film actors to attach prosthetic pieces to the skin as well as lace hair pieces and crepe wool applications, etc.

    $8.10 $9.00 -10%
    Reduced price!
  • $11.90

    Kryolan Professional Make-up Company's Liquid Latex is a vulcanized liquid latex with an especially low content of ammonia. Liquid Latex can be used to create small latex appliances such as noses, chin parts, bald caps, and the like. It can also be used to simulate old or injured skin.

  • $19.76 $21.95 -10%

    The many uses for liquid latex include adhering small prosthetic appliances when ease of removal is a factor, cotton and latex build-ups, tissue and latex for creating wrinkled skin, and sealing wax build-ups. This is the Dark Flesh (Sable) colored liquid latex from Mehron.

    $19.76 $21.95 -10%
    Reduced price!
  • $8.10 $9.00 -10%

    Graftobian Clown White is comfortable on the skin and has an all day lasting power without requiring touch ups. It does not crack or show creases over time near the mouth.

    $8.10 $9.00 -10%
    Reduced price!
  • $18.00 $20.00 -10%

    Skin Illustrator Singles large, circular pot contain about 60% more dried pigment product than a single cell in the classic size Skin Illustrator Palette. The wide open mouth provides easy application with either a brush or a sponge, while the sleek packaging can fit in your pocket.

    $18.00 $20.00 -10%
    Reduced price!
  • $7.20 $8.00 -10%

    Special Order Ben Nye Items

    $7.20 $8.00 -10%
    Reduced price!
  • $20.80

    Glatzan Bald Caps manufactured by Kryolan Professional Make-up are especially thin but tear-resistant plastic/vinyl bald caps, made from the liquid bald cap material Glatzan.  This is the Small size Glatzan bald cap and measures 54-cm or 21.25-inch circumference.

  • $5.40 $6.00 -10%

    Cabo-Patch also known as Cabo-Bondo is a mixture of acrylic emulsion prosthetic adhesive and cabosil (CABO-O-SILâ„¢) that many makeup artists mix up themselves. It is used for repairing prosthetic appliances and as a ridge filler when blending edges onto the skin. We premix the ingredients and package it in a wide-mouth plastic jar for your convenience.

    $5.40 $6.00 -10%
    Reduced price!
  • $10.80 $12.00 -10%

    For more than 30 years, Pros-Aide Adhesive, developed by ADM Tronics Unlimited, has been the worldwide industry standard for use in the professional medical prosthetic and special effects makeup industries. When dry, Pros-Aide adhesive gives absolute waterproof bonds to all skin surfaces.

    $10.80 $12.00 -10%
    Reduced price!
  • $14.95

    Fixing Spray from Kryolan Professional Make-up is a special cosmetic preparation for application over make-up. It creates an invisible protective film, which prolongs the life of the make-up and its effects. This is the small 75-ml (2.5-oz) on-set size aerosol spray can. The perfect size for your on-set makeup bag or your purse.

  • $0.00

    Issue 1 of Prosthetics Magazine is SOLD OUT and OUT OF PRINT because it is no longer available from the publisher. We don't have any individual copies left to sell but we do have it available in a Collector's Set.

  • $6.30 $7.00 -10%

    Graftobian Modeling Wax can be used for creating about any facial addition. Warts, broken nose, deep contusion, you name it.

    $6.30 $7.00 -10%
    Reduced price!
  • $9.95

    Kryolan Color Spray which is manufactured by Kryolan Professional Make-up is an effectively covering spray for hair effects and wigs packed in a 5-oz aerosol can. The wide selection of colors from intensive and vivid colors is outstandingly suited for highly imaginative creations. Other color shades supplement character make-up with realistic effects.


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