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    Fleet Street Bloodworks Drying Bloods are made from FDA approved pigments, they stay moist looking, even when dry.  Designed for use on both skin and hair, they stay where they're placed, without migrating or dissipating as the day wears on. Drying Bloods are available in two colors: “Fresh”, a vibrant natural tone and “Dark" a deep moody blood tone that...

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    Fleet Street Bloodworks Drying Pastes adds another dimension to the liquid Bloodworks products line. Drying Pastes stay in place when applied and become dry to to the touch.  Coat the dried application with a little water-based personal lubricant and it will instantly look wet.

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    European Body Art’s Transfusion Blood Collection is completely waterproof and fast drying blood that doesn’t move, transfer or smudge, yet, provides a long lasting fresh wet look. Transfusion Blood is a premium stage and film blood offered in 4 distinctive shades: Bright Blood (arterial-bright), The Blood (deep wound), Dark Blood (venous-dark) and Scab...

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    F/X Blood manufactured by Kryolan Professional Makeup is a liquid artificial blood that is highly versatile in its use. It dries completely on the skin and is then smudge-proof and does not stain. Though its own sheen, however, it still makes a fresh and moist impression. Available in two color shades: light and dark.

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    Hydro Fix Blood manufactured by Kryolan Professional Makeup is a washable artificial blood paste in tubes. Hydro Fix Blood dries on the skin and is outstanding for creation of a wide variety of wound simulations. Hydro Fix Blood is applied directly from the tube onto the desired area of the skin, and can be formed as required by a small modeling spatula.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items