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    Bite Gel is formulated for teeth models, Bite Gel picks up phenomenal detail and can also be used for small area lifecasting jobs.  Made with all natural non-toxic food grade products, Bite Gel is Bubble Gum scented and Crystalline Silica Free. 

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    MoldEZ is a water-based cream used on the skin and all body hair to keep alginate from sticking to the hair. Work a generous amount into the hair and then comb. You can cast an entire head of hair. Hypoallergenic, all natural ingredients. Smells great, too.

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    Monster Gel CSF (Crystalline Silica Free) is The Monster Makers' newest Prosthetic Grade Alginate.  Made with all natural non-toxic food grade components, Monster Gel Slow Set has a set time of 8-9 minutes and is Crystalline Silica Free. 

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    Monster Gel Bonding Agent allows you to bond a fresh batch of Monster Gel Alginate to already cured alginate.

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items