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    Cabo-Patch also known as Cabo-Bondo is a mixture of acrylic emulsion prosthetic adhesive and CABO-O-SILâ„¢ that many makeup artists mix up themselves. It is used for repairing prosthetic appliances and as a ridge filler when blending edges onto the skin. We premix the ingredients and package it in a wide-mouth plastic jar for your convenience.

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    Graftobian Pro Adhesive is an acrylic emulsion based medical adhesive. This product is used by professionals to stick down masks, horns, large appliances made of foam latex, etc.

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    Kryolan Professional Make-up Special Adhesive B is a special-effects adhesive for make-up artists. This glue is a preparation with exceptionally great adhesion, and is used for adhering foam appliances and other 3-dimensional parts, and for smoothing out transition zones.

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    Mel Gel is a Bondo-Prosthetic Transfer Cream as well as an appliance Blending Cream. Perfect for creating those amazing 3D Prosthetic Transfers and blending appliances with a seamless edge. Four skin shades available.

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    For more than 30 years, Pros-Aide Adhesive, developed by ADM Tronics Unlimited, has been the worldwide industry standard for use in the professional medical prosthetic and special effects makeup industries. When dry, Pros-Aide adhesive gives absolute waterproof bonds to all skin surfaces.

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    While Premiere Products Beta Bond is known for its great vertical hold, Beta Bond Plus provides different performance characteristics, making both adhesives the perfect combination for acrylic bonding. Beta Bond Plus offers a horizontal bond that is unequaled by any other acrylic adhesive.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items