Prosthetics Magazine - Issues 1 - 20 - The Collector's Set


While taking our post Halloween inventory, we recently found a handful of Prosthetics Magazine Issues 1 and 2 stored in the wrong box alongside more recent issues of Prosthetics Magazine which has allowed us to put together this limited edition Collector's Set. There are only a few sets available so get them while you still can.

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PROSTHETICS Magazine is published by internationally acclaimed make-up FX designer and teacher Neill Gorton.

Content includes articles about screen prosthetics, make-up FX and related fields, in-depth interviews with the industry's leading global practitioners, technical information about the materials used in the craft and a fabulous collection of detailed tutorials by highly accomplished artists.  Each issue is almost 100-pages long and packed full of information.  In this 20 issue Collector's Set you'll get close to 2000 pages of information you're not going to want to miss.

You'll get 1 each of the 20 issues of Prosthetic Magazine individually sealed in plastic, bundled with 2 clear acrylic magazine holders to make up this 20 issue collector's set of Prosthetics Magazine.

Issues 1, 2, 3, and 5 which are no longer available from the publisher and are nearly impossible to find in New condition are included in this set of new unread magazines.  This collector's set will make the perfect addition to both novice and professional makeup artist's library of reference material.

We feel that it's safe to say that is the only place in the world that you'll find a complete set of new, unread, Prosthetics magazines. And you'll also get two clear acrylic magazine holders for storage.

This is the perfect gift for those aspiring makeup artists who have recently gotten into the craft and missed out on purchasing Prosthetics Magazine when it first came out in 2015.

Order today for delivery in time for the holidays.

Publisher:Neill Gorton
Size:8.25" x 11.625"
Illustration:Color Photos
Country of Origin:Made in the UK