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SI On Set Palette - Stipples & Stubbles


The On Set Stipple & Stubbles palette is a compact version of the classic size Skin Illustrator Stipple & Stubbles palette. The Stipple & Stubbles palette colors include: Straw, Dark Blond, Dark Brown (Scalp), Shadow Grey, GRB, and Aged Black (Nara Black).

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The Skin Illustrator On Set Stipple & Stubbles palette is a compact version of the classic size Skin Illustrator Stipple & Stubbles palette.

It is a collection of six colors designed to give you realistic subtle beard stubble, hair effects and shading.  Featuring Dark Brown from the Hair Illustrator Scalp Palette, Aged Black from the Tattoo Classic Collection - plus four new colors: Straw, Dark Blond, Shadow Gray and GRB.  All colors can be used as-is, or mixed to create a custom shade for your look.  

Skin Illustrator is a system of durable, water and abrasion resistant alcohol activated make-up. Created by professionals for professionals, Skin Illustrator is designed to speed up the process of color applications and touch ups by greatly reducing the need to mix colors. The wide range of colors allows you total control to create any illusion imaginable. Skin Illustrator will cover tattoos, create effects, color hair, and it can be used on foam latex, gelatin, plastic, and silicone appliances. The high pigment content provides rich color tones that stay in place and last all day. Skin Illustrator colors can be activated with a spray or dab of alcohol, and they require few touch ups other than an occasional powdering. Whether you use a brush, air brush, sponge or stipple technique, Skin Illustrator can fix a problem or keep one from happening.

Skin Illustrator palettes must be activated with Skin Illustrator ActivatorSkin Illustrator Slow Activator or 99% Isopropyl Alcohol. Do Not use 70% alcohol, MEK, acetone, water or any other solvent to attempt to activate the palette.

A quick spritz of Skin Illustrator Activator or Slow Activator into the cell of the palette is all that is needed to transfer the dry pigment from the palette to your brush or sponge then onto the skin. As the Activator evaporates the makeup dries on the skin.

Removal is easy with the Super Solv line of removers or Telesis Makeup Remover.

Due to the high pigment content and lack of unnecessary fillers in the Skin Illustrator color system, cracks, bubbles and any shrunken appearance that may occur in some dried color cells does not affect the quality or performance of the product in any way.

Dilutable WithActivator, Slow Activator, 99% Isopropyl Alcohol
Recomended RemoverTelesis Makeup Remover
ManufacturerPremiere Products, Inc.
Shipping RestrictionsNon-Flammable - No Restrictions
Country of OriginMade in the USA

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