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Graftobian Pro F/X RMG - Wheels

Graftobian Pro F/X Rubber Mask Grease Wheels contain 5 to 6 separate colors totaling 1-oz of RMG. Rubber Mask Grease is ideal for coating latex and foam latex due to its castor oil content, which protects the latex pieces.

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Rubber Mask Grease is ideal for coating latex and foam latex due to its castor oil content, which protects the latex pieces.  It also contains an oil content similar to your skin.  Compare this to having the latex area look chalky as would happen if you had used ordinary theatrical cream foundation over untreated latex. Rubber Mask Grease is the proper type of makeup to use over latex and foam latex appliances to achieve a natural look.

The Bald Cap Wheel is ideal for both natural skin shades for bald caps and even for your favorite Blue Man. The colors included in the Bald Cap Wheel are: Blue, Light Cream, Medium Honey, Warm Tan, Egyptian, and Special Dark.

The Appliance F/X Wheel was developed with the assistance of an Academy Award-winning makeup artist.  These colors are the most useful and commonly required shades for creating a wide variety of characters when coating latex or foam latex appliances. The colors included in Appliance F/X Wheel are: Medium Honey, Green, Light Cream, Ebony, Red, and Milk Chocolate

The Derma Wheel was developed by the staff of one of the finest makeup training schools in the country - The Makeup Designory - or MUD.  This wheel contains a range of skin tones to bring realism to any application. The colors included in the Derma Wheel are: Ceylon Vinnamon, Sunrise Flush, Graceful Swan, Burnt Amber, Olivia, and Hazelnut.

The Injury F/X Wheel is ideal for creating bruising, jaundice, swelling effects, and other injuries. The colors included in the Injury F/X Wheel are: Warm Honey, Maroon, Dark Purple, Yellow, Forest Green, and Thunder Grey.

The Trauma F/X Wheel is great for zombies and can be grouped conveniently with the Injury F/X and Primary wheels. These three wheels contain the most frequently needed shades of RMG for mass casualty simulation. The colors included in the Trauma F/X Wheel are: Corpse Flesh, Blithe Spirit, Clotted Red, Frankie Gray, Blood Blister, and Deep Yellow.

The Primary Wheel is ideal for jokers and clowns. The colors included in the Primary Wheel are: White, Black, Red, Yellow, and Blue.

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G-87050Bald Cap [87050] $25.00 $20.00 [-] [+]
G-87051Appliance F/X [87051] $25.00 $20.00 [-] [+]
G-87054Derma [87054] $25.00 $20.00 [-] [+]
G-87052Injury F/X [87052] $25.00 $20.00 [-] [+]
G-87055Trauma F/X [87055] $25.00 $20.00 [-] [+]
G-87053Primary [87053] $25.00 $20.00 [-] [+]
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