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EBA Silabond Silicone Adhesive

Silabond is European Body Art's silicone based adhesive designed for holding appliances in place all day, every day.

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$30.60 per fluid ounce

Silabond is European Body Art's silicone based adhesive designed for holding appliances in place all day, every day.

Silicone Based Adhesive
• Water and perspiration resistant
• Pressure sensitive
• Strong bond
• Skin safe

If desired, thin Silabond with SB Thinner. Make sure joining surfaces are completely cleaned and free of any debris. Apply a thin layer of Silabond onto each surface to be bonded. Allow the solvent to evaporate until adhesive becomes tacky. Firmly press surfaces together. To un-bond surfaces or remove Silabond use EBA Vapore.

This product is flammable. Please select the HAZMAT Warning tab above for additional information regarding shipping options for this product.

Manufactured byEuropean Body Art
Shipping Restrictions:Flammable - Ground Shipping ONLY
Country of Origin:Made in the USA
This product contains an ingredient that all of our available carriers classify as a Hazardous Material because it is flammable or combustible. The flammable component is usually an ingredient in a liquid or an aerosol spray can. For safety reasons, we can only ship this product by Ground Service to destinations within the United States of America. We cannot ship this product internationally.
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  • $13.50

    Silicone Adhesive Remover formerly known as Medical Adhesive Remover is manufactured by Kryolan Professional Make-up. It is the manufacturer's recommended remover for Kryolan Silicone Adhesive. Use this product on a cotton ball to remove prosthetic appliances and adhesive residue from the skin.

  • $7.61 $8.95 -15%

    Mehron AdMed Adhesive Remover was developed by Mehron to easily remove Mehron AdMed Liquid Adhesive.  Apply it to the glued area, rub gently and watch the residue disappear without damaging or hurting the skin.

    $7.61 $8.95 -15%
    Reduced price!
  • $18.05 $19.00 -5%

    Telesis Silicone Adhesive Remover is an incredibly fast-acting solvent, designed to remove Telesis 8 Silicone adhesive.  This new odorless, non-oily formula contains vitamins D, E  and Aloe Vera and will not damage silicone or latex appliances or lace pieces.

    $18.05 $19.00 -5%
    Reduced price!
  • $7.60 $8.00 -5%

    Premiere Products' Super Solv is their strongest and most popular adhesive and prosthetic remover. Hydrocarbon based, mildly scented. Provides rapid removal of adhesives and prosthetics without damage to appliances and latex foam. Non-oily and not harmful to materials.

    $7.60 $8.00 -5%
    Reduced price!
  • $9.50 $10.00 -5%

    Premiere Products advanced Super Solv formula is specifically designed for use on sensitive skin. Super Solv Plus contains Vitamins D & E, and special silicones that help to condition and moisturize the skin while removing makeup and adhesives with the same cutting strength as the original Super Solv.

    $9.50 $10.00 -5%
    Reduced price!
  • $6.18 $6.50 -5%

    Premiere Products Super Solv Gel is a gelled version of Super Solv which will not drip or run and is an excellent adhesive and make-up remover for use around the mouth and eyes. Super Solv Gel can be used in any application where regular Super Solv is used. Does not contain Cabosil or TS100.

    $6.18 $6.50 -5%
    Reduced price!
  • $7.60 $8.00 -5%

    Premiere Products ISO-Gel is a gelled version of SDA-40 alcohol and isopropanol. It can be used in any application where 99% isopropyl alcohol is used. ISO-Gel will not drip or run and is excellent as a vehicle for alcohol based color applications. ISO-Gel does not contain Cabosil or TS100.

    $7.60 $8.00 -5%
    Reduced price!
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