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  • $6.38 $7.50 -15%

    Graftobian Stage Blood is a mostly opaque, water-based, realistic slit-wrist red blood product that is the same viscosity as real blood.  It even dries and crusts up brownish like real blood. 

    $6.38 $7.50 -15%
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  • $7.61 $8.95 -15%

    This stage blood by Mehron was developed for a realistic theatrical appearance both for on stage and film. Mehron Stage Blood is a viscous, lifelike, nearly opaque liquid that is non-toxic and so safe it is even edible. Mehron Stage Blood can be used in and around the mouth because it is made of non-toxic ingredients.

    $7.61 $8.95 -15%
    Reduced price!
  • $6.00 $7.50 -20%

    Zombie Blood is an economical stage blood manufactured by Fun World.

    $6.00 $7.50 -20%
    Reduced price!
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items