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    Attagel is a thickening agent that can be used with Green Marble SeLr Concentrate to create the most realistic old age effects.

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    Fleet Street Dirtworks Dirts are cosmetic grade powders that are non flammable, non combustible, and non hazardous. Designed for theatrical use on skin and clothing. Dortworks Dirts do not contain Fuller's Earth, walnut shells, raw talc, silica, cristobalite or tridymite.

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    Fleet Street Dirtworks Dirt Bags are a washable porous cotton muslin for use with all Dirtworks Theatrical Dirt Powders. Pour up to 4 ounces of Dirtworks Dirt Powder into the Dirt Bag and tie it shut with a pretty little bow then rub/pounce the material gently onto the skin with a rolling motion from the bottom of the Dirtworks Dirt Bag.

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    Graftobian's skin safe Special FX Powders are perfect for simulating Dust, Dirt, and Soot on the skin, hair and clothing.

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  • $8.76 $10.95 -20%

    Mehron Metallic Powders can be used alone for a subtle sheer color or mixed with Mehron Mixing Liquid to create the intense color of real liquid metal. This ultra-fine Metallic Powder makeup creates the ultimate in dramatic designs and effects. With 6 striking metallic shades available, the design possibilities are endless. Available in individual .5 to 1...

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    Mehron's ultra fine Specialty Powders are formulated to create the look of dust, dirt and ash for stage, video, and movie performances. The realistic colors of these ultra-fine powders create a natural look. The Specialty Powders have a loose consistency that can easily be applied for just the right touch to enhance a character's makeup.

    $6.36 $7.95 -20%
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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items