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    DRY is a topical spray for minimizing perspiration under prosthetic appliances.  DRY is to be used prior to the application of makeup.  Once dry, apply makeup as usual.  You can reduce drying time with a hairdryer.  The drying effect will improve with each application.  It can be applied anywhere to the face and neck, and it can also be combed through the...

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    Graftobian Makeup Setting Spray lays a thin barrier over your makeup, making it more smudge and moisture-proof. This incredibly versatile product has a myriad of uses. Makeup artists love to use it as a barrier under makeup to combat sweat and oil, or as an additional insurance coat over setting powders.

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    Mehron Barrier Spray is a clear liquid setting spray that sets makeup designs and can protect sensitive skin from makeup, latex and other adhesives. Great for all Modeling, TV, Stage, Clowning, Face Painting, Halloween, Special Effects and Photography makeup applications.

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    Premiere Products Top Guard is a methacrylate based, non-oily skin prep and surface primer. A superior water and perspiration resistant formula that reduces skin irritation and increases the adhesion of prosthetic appliances.

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items