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    Graftobian Spirit Gum is a natural product that is kept in solution with alcohol. It is the classic theatrical adhesive. Used for decades by theater and film actors to attach prosthetic pieces to the skin as well as lace hair pieces and crepe wool applications, etc.

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    Mastix P Spirit Gum from Kryolan Professional Make-up is a synthetic adhesive with especially strong adhesion power, for attaching beards, wigs, and small facial appliances. Spirit Gum P is used when the extreme perspiration of an actor or model makes it impossible for other spirit gum types to hold sufficiently.

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    Mastix Matt Spirit Gum Natural Resin from Kryolan Professional Make-up is suitable for gluing fine hair work and contains a significant proportion of the precious resin of the mastic tree.

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    Spirit Gum is a classical adhesive for hair, beards, and wigs, with a very high proportion of natural copal. Apply Spirit Gum to the required area of skin and allow it to dry somewhat. Then press on the object to be adhered.

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    TV Matt Spirit Gum which is manufactured by Kryolan Professional Make-up is designed for adhering hair, beards, and wigs. The special mixture of natural resins of TV Spirit Gum means that, after it dries, it appears more matt and more natural on the skin than does normal Spirit Gum.

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    Water Soluble Spirit Gum is an adhesive for make-up artists, containing no solvent, with water base. Water Soluble Spirit Gum is effective in adhering objects for short periods of time, and for holding down hair and eyebrows before they are covered with a bald cap or plastic film.

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    Matte Spirit Gum is the preferred spirit gum for gluing on hand-tied human hair moustaches and beards. When it dries there is no visible shine like there is when regular spirit gum dries. It is also useful for laying crepe wool hair.

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    Spirit Gum Liquid Adhesive has been used throughout the Theater and Movie Industries for decades. This amber colored, alcohol/resin liquid adhesive is used for applying Crepe Hair mustaches and beards, wigs, fake noses and bald caps.

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    Natural Adhesive is a pressure sensitive, natural gum based botanical blend with a clear-yellow appearance, water-like viscosity, mild alcohol odor. This two gum based formula offers performance superior to most spirit gum and other gum based adhesives. Natural Adhesive dries clear with a matte finish. Available in 1/2-ounce glass bottle with brush in cap.

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    PPI Spirits is Premiere Products Incorporated's definitive matte lace spirit-gum adhesive. It's perfect for holding on your fake beards, mustaches, and eyebrows.

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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items