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Gypsona Plaster Bandages - 8-inch - Extra Fast Setting

Gypsona S Extra Fast Setting plaster bandages feature a creamy plaster that results in a smoother, stronger cast. Perfect for backing up alginates and silicones used for lifecasting. Each roll is 8-inches tall and 5-yards long.

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Gypsona plaster bandages consists of a leno-weave gauze fabric that is coated with a blend of the alpha and beta forms of calcium sulphate hemihydrate (plaster of Paris), together with binders and accelerators. The use of a leno-weave gauze is claimed to provide stability to the bandage, and reduce distortion and creasing during application. Gypsona is supplied wrapped around plastic spools which are designed to allow rapid, even wetting of the bandage upon immersion. Once wet, the calcium sulphate hemihydrate is converted to the dihydrate, and the bandage sets to form a hard rigid structure, which is both porous and absorbent. The rate of setting is largely governed by the temperature of the water, but if the bandage is used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, an initial set will take place in about two minutes. The cast will be fully set in about 3-5 minutes, although it may not achieve its maximum strength and become weight-bearing for up to 24-48 hours.

ManufacturerBSN Medical, Inc.
Country of OriginMade in the USA

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